The Sabbatical Ends!

Dear friends and fellow laborers,
          I have been on sabbatical for three years.
          When we moved to Florida from Germany, I left a busy ministry behind.  At that time the Lord impressed upon me several things:  1. Walk with your husband through retirement.  2. Help your children settle into this new phase.  3. Take care of your physical self.  4. No new projects.
          It was the last one that drive me insane. We choleric type A people take not having a task very hard!  Plus, I’m still too defined by my task/title in the world and not having an easy identity was challenging.  So many lessons to learn.
         God continued to remind me over these three years that I was to be obedient.  The fact that I had “no ministry” was (1) not my fault as I was being obedient and (2) not at all a reflection on my talents and contributions and potential in the Kingdom Of God.  Many more good lessons in there.
         And, at the magical three year mark, I have finally been released from sabbatical!  We have changed churches once and have since endured two pastoral turnovers and a rearrangement of staff and ministries.  But, God is faithful…
         I wasn’t sure if God’s timing for my vision for a women’s Bible study and training ministry would ever come – but it seems that He has flung the doors wide open.  How rewarding it is to wait for His perfect timing!  I’ve met several times with pastoral staff in recent months and they’ve given me everything I’ve asked for – meeting and classroom space, childcare, permission to run a website, advertising help, coffee, white boards, you name it.  When they pray for our new ministry, you’d think God had given them the vision and not just me.
          We are three weeks in – and it’s thirty hungry women and me doing a Bible study on James in a classroom on Tuesday mornings… but this is just the beginning.
          Ladies, would you commit to praying for me and this ministry?  I have no idea where God is taking us but I am excited.  Undoubtedly there will be some unforeseen bumps in the road… Pray that I navigate them with grace and wisdom.  Pray that God brings me potential leaders and teachers and lays a foundation for ministry opportunities that will come later.  Pray that we become a true discipleship ministry and not just another Bible study group.  Pray that I keep in step with God – He has been answering my questions like clockwork and we just keep moving forward, I’d love for His voice to always be so clear.  And pray for myself and my family, that God would protect us especially this first year.
        Here’s the link to our website, if you’re curious:
 P.S. I do promise that I will continue to write for this blog…   Love to you all!  Mindy

5 thoughts on “The Sabbatical Ends!

  1. Yay for continuing to blog! Yay for new ministry opportunities! Praying for you as you end your three year sabbatical–the same time mine is ending too. 🙂 thanks for being an example of obedience and faithfulness.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog so much and meant to write many times- thank you for your transparency, faithfulness, and inspiring words. I share the same excitement for women’s ministry:)

  3. No, not in the rest phase, I’m actively involved right now, but it would be fun to be in the same location for sure!!!
    Thanks so much for your prayers and you will be in mine:)


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