Mindy’s Good Reads 2020

Thanks to quarantine life, I read plenty of books this year and also painted the inside of my entire house (the last post-hurricane project!). Here is a complete list of books I read this year, if I loved them or not, and resources and recommendations from seminary classes I am taking, and classes I have been teaching.

** What have you read and enjoyed this year? Comment and I’ll add it to my 2021 list!**

Novels and Autobiographies:
Homegoing by YaaGaasi (novel, African immigration, excellent)
The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas (racism issues, young adult novel, excellent)
-Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (South African comedian shares stories of life in South African post-apartheid, excellent)
-The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson (Churchill, I kept trying to stay interested in this but did not finish it… which is a shame because I loved Larson’s other books)
-Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey (autobiography, I know this is trendy but I thought it was self-aggrandizing drivel – sorry!)

Christian Non-fiction:
-Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible by Scot McKnight. (Thinking through reading the Bible as a story approach, instead of a theology proof text, love all of McKnight’s books)
-Why I Am Still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit: How God Still Speaks and Heals Today by Jack Deere. (Fascinating, engaging, and will give you a lot to reflect on!)
-It’s Not Supposed to be This Way by Lysa Terkeurst (important topic of suffering and unmet expectations, good topic but a bit light on content)

Introduction to The Old Testament seminary class:
A Survey of the Old Testament, Andrew Hill and John Walton, Zondervan, 2009. (Fantastic reference work, highly recommended for all students of the Bible.)
Atlas of the Bible, Carl Rasmussen, Zondervan, 2010. (Fantastic reference work, highly recommended for all students of the Bible.)
The Old Testament is Dying: Diagnosis and Recommended Treatment, Brent Strawn, Baker Academic, 2017. (Very interesting analysis of OT illiteracy and what churches should do to remedy it)
Ancient Israel’s History: Introduction to Issues and Sources, Bill Arnold and Richard Hess, Baker Academic, 2014. (Academics only, source issues related to OT)
Pondering the Spade: Convergences between Archeology and Old Testament Studies, David Schreiner, Wipf & Stock, 2019. (Academics interested in archeology)

Basic Christian Doctrine seminary class:
Classic Christianity: A Systematic Theology, Thomas Oden, Harper One, 1992. (Excellent theological reference work, very balanced)
Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology, Gregory Boyd and Paul Eddy, Baker Academic, 2009. (Very helpful resource on current debates, delineates opposing viewpoints clearly)
Theology in the Context of World Christianity: How the Global Church is Influencing the Way We Think About and Discuss Theology, Timothy Tennant, Zondervan, 2007. (Fascinating and easy reading, Shame based cultures, Latin American Pentecostalism, Hindu sacred texts, African ancestor worship, mosque communities, and more and how they affect modern global theology.)
The Way to Heaven: The Gospel According to John Wesley, Steve Harper, Zondervan, 2003.
The Message of the Trinity, Brian Edgar, Intervarsity, 2004.

Teaching on Genesis:
Genesis. Mitchell Kim, Knowing the Bible series. (Group study book)
Genesis. Bill Arnold, New Cambridge Bible Commentary, Cambridge University, 2009.
Genesis. Bruce Waltke, Zondervan Academic, 2001.
Epic of Eden. Sandra Richter, Intervarsity Press, 2008. (You must read this!)
Live Relationally: Lessons from the Women of Genesis. Heitzig and Rose.

Teaching on Psalms:
-The Psalms: Part 1.
Brian Russell. One Book series, Seedbed, 2016. (Group study book)
-Psalms. James Mays, Interpretation Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching.

Teaching on Mark:
Dane Ortlund, Knowing the Bible series. (Group study book)
-Mark. Mark Strauss, Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, Zondervan, 2014.
-Mark. Clifton Black, Abingdon New Testament Commentaries, 2011.

Teaching on James:
James. LifeChange series. (Group study book)
Be Mature. Warren Wiersbe.
James. Greg Gilbert, Knowing the Bible series.
Live Faithfully: A Study of James. Heitzig and Rose.
-8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life. Jill Briscoe.

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