“Be More Like the Dog”

“I just need to be more like the dog!!” My ladies small group burst into gales of laughter.IMG_5622

Hilarious, but I was completely serious.

That is the sum total of what I learned recently from our study of Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages.  My husband best receives love from me through Physical Touch (nonsexual, by the way) and Words of Affirmation.

I am not very good at this because I am always running around taking care of household management stuff that never ends… homework, carpool, soccer practice, dance class, play dates, vacuuming, dirty dishes, cooking dinner, and so on.  Plus I’m selfish and not really thinking of him.  Besides, he ties his own shoes, dresses himself, can put food in the microwave, and drives himself to work.  This means he is automatically moved to the “not so urgent” list.

This is also why I best receive love from him through Acts of Service!  I LOVE it when he cleans up the kitchen without being asked – one step closer to bedtime and quiet… HA.

But I need to be more like the dog.  It would help if I:

  • Ran to greet him at the door when he comes home.  (Communicating respect, and that he’s more important than my computer or my piles of laundry)
  • Was truly happy to see him.  (Tail wag?! LOL)
  • Wanted to be touching, sitting by him on the couch, keeping my feet in his lap, leaning on him (hopefully not drooling on him or leaving fur all over like the dog actually does…)
  • Was non-judgmental, affirming, and warm.
  • Was quiet and did not interrupt often.  (No talk back from the dog!  Only love and affection!)

So that’s my mental picture for the next month or two, to love my husband well, like the dog does….

Take the Five Love Languages test here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/

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