2 thoughts on “Advent Acts of Kindness

  1. Neat idea, I like it! We did random acts of kindness with the kids, throughout the year. But nothing daily – in advent – your kids are a great age for that. I say go for it ;0)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. Ok, so we did it! We were not nearly as organized as the author of the blog post and we didn’t do one every day… but I did make a bulletin board covered in wrapping paper and labeled Advent Acts of Kindness. Every time we gave a gift, or did something kind, or some other unexpected thoughtful act, we wrote on a gift tag on the board. It DID make us think about how to be kind to others in unexpected ways, and we surprised some people… It was really fun. I bought small gifts and gift cards and kept them on hand so we could easily decide to surprise someone without it requiring a trip to the store. I would definitely do it again next Christmas!


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