Six Kinds of Women

*guest blog by Susie Walther,

There are six kinds of women who come to Bible study.

The unsaved woman: she’s the one who doesn’t think she’s a sinner in need of repentance or a Savior because she thinks she’s a “good person” or she loves her sin too much to embrace the Cross and walk away from it.

The spiritually prideful woman: she’s satisfied with how long she’s “been a Christian” and her service in/to the church. She’s not really a disciple (which means “learner”) because she’s quite pleased with what she already thinks she knows.

The lukewarm woman: she doesn’t do her Bible study, doesn’t have a regular quiet time, doesn’t habitually pray, and goes to church or Bible study only when they fit conveniently into her schedule because the spiritual stuff always gets dropped first.

The cheap grace woman: she’s convinced she can live like a pagan and still go to a holy heaven. Baptism, confirmation or “accepting Jesus into her heart” are the golden tickets to eternal life; obedience, holiness, and actual Christ-likeness are optional.

The churched woman: she’s a faithful “attendee,” constantly in the receive and “I need to be fed” mode. She’s a Christian-faith junkie (conferences, Bible studies, books, retreats, Christian radio, etc.) – it’s just that she doesn’t ever, really “go and make disciples” because of her faith.

But there’s one last woman who’ll come through our doors, and that’s the spiritually hungry woman. She knows she needs Jesus. She wants to learn. She wants to grow. She’s transparent. She’s available. She’s willing to invest in the disciplines of her faith because she wants to become like Jesus in her character and a woman of spiritual influence to the people around her.

You are one of these six types.

I hope to God you’re the spiritually hungry one because the church already has plenty of the others.

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