Genesis Week 10 – Joseph’s Reconciliation

We are nearing the end! Thank you for reading Genesis with us! Here are the readings for this week:

Readings this week:
Genesis 42 – 47
□ 42 Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt
□ 43 The Second Trip to Egypt
□ 44 The Silver Cup Hidden in a Sack
□ 45-46 Joseph Makes Himself Known
□ 47 Settling in Egypt

Main Topic – Joseph’s Reconciliation
Stories of reconciliation dominate the book of Genesis. We have already seen the story of Jacob’s reconciliation with Esau. In this segment we see Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers and reunion with his father. The story shows the end result of Joseph’s experience in prison, and the fruit of God’s ongoing grace in Joseph’s life. Overall, the journey to Egypt in this section fulfills God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 15:12-16 and sets the stage for the exodus.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion
1.    In Egypt (Gen 42-44) – Famine drives the sons of Israel to Egypt again, just as it drove Abraham (Gen 12) and Isaac (Gen 26). Joseph’s dream that his brothers would bow to him is now fulfilled. Read through chapters 42-44 and note how the pain and scars of the past affect the following people: Jacob/Israel, Joseph, Reuben, Judah.

2.    Joseph Makes Himself Known (Gen 45) – This chapter is the climax of the Joseph story. What feelings do you imagine the brothers had as Joseph identified himself? How would you characterize Joseph’s emotions? Read 48:4-8 carefully. How does Joseph interpret his many years of affliction?

3.    Joseph Restored to Jacob (Gen 45-46) – Jacob who once believed his son was dead now receives him back. The narrator begins to call him Israel more consistently from this point forward. How is God’s blessing seen in his life?

4.    Settling in Egypt (Gen 47) – Jacob’s family settles in Goshen as shepherds. At this point in the story, Egypt is a place of blessing. The work of God is not limited by geography or by governments. How are the covenant promises continued in this new land? 


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