Interrupted by Hurricane Michael

I keep getting reminders that I have not posted to this blog since September 2018.  There’s a good reason – Hurricane Michael tore through my home town of Panama City, Florida on October 10, 2018 and it might be a couple of years before things return to normal around here.  Now five months later I am happy to report that the internet works, we have a new roof and front doors and windows at our house, and even Target reopened this week.  The rest of town is still quite a mess. Of the 16 houses on my street, three of them have been vacated, and five families are living in trailers in their front yard while the interior of their home is being restored.  Approximately 30% of the entire population of our town is displaced or homeless. Our church owns two campuses, neither of them are functional. It’s going to be a long time before things are working again here.  Yet, we choose to rejoice. God is at work here. Tomorrow is another day!

One thought on “Interrupted by Hurricane Michael

  1. Mindy, Thank you for sharing the photos and your comments. We know that Panama City has suffered a lot of loss and destruction. Our family is from south Louisiana. We understand the devastation brought on by such violent storms.
    It was encouraging to hear how your church and your family are continuing to “stand firm” in spite of difficulties.
    John and I are both well. I fell, broke my right hip and had surgery on that hip in early October. Now I’m doing much, much better. God is faithful and gentle with us, His children!
    Hugs and our love, John and Liz


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