5x5x5 Reading Plan – James

NT imageWelcome to the book of James!  The book of James is all about how we live as Christians – it’s about “doing”.  Sometimes this book is controversial because of its emphasis on good works, and readers wonder if it contradicts other parts of scripture.  Let me encourage you to see James through the analogy of motion – where there is life, there will be motion.  Movement does not cause life, but it does invariably follow life.  Movement is a sure sign that life is present.  The same is true in the spiritual realm.  Genuine faith in Christ always results in actions that demonstrate faith.  Actions are evidence of faith.

James is a simple preacher, perturbed that people are claiming Christ but are not living right.  His words are easy to understand, but are we doing what he says?  “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says. “ – James 1:22


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