5x5x5 Reading Plan – Hebrews

Dear 5x5x5 Readers,

This week we will finish reading the book of Acts, and we will start reading Hebrews.  In Acts you discovered the historical framework for the spread of the gospel and the birth of churches throughout the Roman empire.  Also, now you know that new converts to Christianity were being thrown out of synagogues, tossed in jail, and even tortured.  Was faith in Jesus Christ worth the risk?

Hebrews was written to give those who had heard the gospel, especially Jews, a compelling reason why they should choose Christianity over the familiar and politically-safe routines of Judaism.  For the sake of Jewish readers, the author painstakingly cites Old Testament passages (more than 80 times!) to develop the case for Christ like a lawyer.  Point by point, the author of Hebrews shows how Christ improved on the traditional old-covenant Judaism.

As you read, watch for words like in the past/former and better/superior and you will see how Jesus Christ brought a new and better covenant to replace many of the laws of the old covenant.

Here is a link to a digital copy of Matthew Henry’s concise commentary, which might be helpful in Hebrews. http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-concise/hebrews/

Keep up the good reading!  – Mindy


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