365 Challenge – John

Dear 365 Readers,

Tomorrow (11/1) we start in the book of John.  John’s gospel is entirely different than the other three we have read so far.  Remember this, John is not primarily interested in relating the events of Jesus’s life.  He presumes his readers are already familiar with Jesus.  John tells us nothing of the birth of Christ or his youth.  He is introduced as the adult Son of God.

Instead of narrating events, John is focused on explaining the profound meaning of what Jesus’ teachings and actions. John selected stories from approximately twenty days in Jesus’ life, and arranged them to reveal to us a Messiah with a mission.  John chose seven signs (or miracles) and built his story around them, explaining clearly the meaning and significance of each event.

As you read John, consider carefully who Jesus is talking to in each instance.  He treats each audience differently and it is worth noting if He’s talking to the disciples, his opponents, or a large crowd.  It’s best to read John in sections – follow the sectional headings in your Bible and read both the event and the commentary on the event as a unit.  John is telling each story for a reason.



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