365 Challenge – Job

Dear 365 Readers,

We start the book of Job this weekend – the tale of very bad things happening to a good person.  Chronologically speaking, the story of Job probably fits in the time period of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).  It’s a challenging story as we watch Job suffer and cycle through the stages of grief.  Sooner or later we all find ourselves in a position a little like Job’s, when the world seems to crumble and nothing makes sense anymore.  We cry, are angry, and wait for God to answer.  For his part, Job struggled to do what seemed impossible, to keep believing in a loving God in spite of his pain.

How to read Job.  It’s easy to get lost in the poetry of Job but here is what first-time readers need to remember:  The complete story-line is found in chapters 1-2 (the beginning) and 42 (the end).  Everything in the middle is a series of speeches by Job, his friends, and God.  It’s like reading a courtroom drama.  I strongly encourage you to go ahead and read chapter 42 now because in it you will discover that God did not like what Job’s friends had to say and their theology was a bit off.  You must remember that as you read their speeches, not everything they have to say is true or correct regarding God and his ways.

As you read, don’t miss what we learn about the sovereignty of God and His character, especially in chapters 1,2, and 38-41.


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