365 Ruth & Samuel

Dear 365 Bible Readers,

We are finishing the book of Judges, which covered approximately 300 years of history in the nation of Israel during a period often referred to as the era of “Apathy, Anarchy, and Apostasy”.  We read the book of Ruth this Sunday (3/20) and we start 1 Samuel on Monday (3/21).

The story of Ruth takes place early in the book of Judges – her story is set in contrast to the weakness and idolatry of the nation of Israel and her own people (the Moabites).  Ruth, and her eventual husband Boaz, stand as shining examples of purity, faith, and responsible living… and Ruth becomes the great grandmother of King David.  In Ruth we see an emphasis on the theological concepts of God’s sovereignty and the Kinsman-Redeemer.

The books of I & II Samuel cover the critical period of transition for the nation of Israel from judgeship to monarchy, from loose tribal affiliation to a strong central government.  This entire period covers approximately 150 years and introduces the familiar characters of the Prophet Samuel, King Saul, and King David.  Be sure to check the Overview of Old Testament History timeline posted here   365BibleChallenge so you understand clearly what is going on with the nation of Israel during this era.

Join us as we study the character qualities of these familiar individuals!


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