The 365 Bible Challenge

Last December one of the guys in my office suggested we try reading through the whole Bible in 2016.  I agreed.  From there it has ballooned into some 150+ people reading their Bibles every single day!  It’s not my first time through the Bible, but it’s my first time to attempt it at this pace (3-4 chapters a day).  We started at Genesis 1 and are going straight through.  It’s mid-February now and we’re approaching the end of Numbers.  I’ve been writing an introduction to each book, with devotional helps and occasional charts and maps.  This week I’m committed to putting everything we’ve done so far up on the blog so readers can access it later… Book introductions will be on the blog, while handouts, maps, and charts are on this page 365BibleChallenge

Come and join us, you can start with Deuteronomy on Feb 22!


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