Rejoicing in My New Job!

I have a new job!  When I saw this diagram recently I saved a PurposeCirclescopy of it because it so neatly summed up the place God has for me at the moment.  I am sitting at the crossroads of my passion (seeing people grow in Christ and their lives transformed), my mission (to equip others for work in the Kingdom of God), my profession (teaching and being the academic resource librarian), and my vocation… as the Adult Discipleship Coordinator for Lynn Haven United Methodist Church.

It’s exciting and, as soon as I surface from sorting out the administrative challenges, I am looking forward to thinking “big thoughts” about what discipleship in the church should look like.  How do we take this mass of comfortable consumers and turn them into self-replicating disciples of Jesus?!  Honestly, that’s a work only Jesus can do, but I am very glad He’s invited me along for the challenge.

I covet your prayers!  And your input!  Love to you all, Mindy

3 thoughts on “Rejoicing in My New Job!

  1. Congratulations. That job is perfect for you. Know you will be outstanding and other will follow. The best to you.


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