Virtual Summer Book Club

So my Bible study group is doing a “virtual book club” for MeaningMarriageNormslthe summer.  We are reading Timothy Keller’s highly acclaimed book “The Meaning of Marriage”.  It’s kind of an experiment… So far there are about 20 of us and we plan to use a closed Facebook group for discussions… we’ll see how it goes. Discussion of chapter one is scheduled for the week of June 16. I just thought I’d invite you to join us, if that’s something interesting for you. If not, that’s totally fine too! Reply below if you’re interested in joining us.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Summer Book Club

  1. Hi Mindy, I’m so intrigued by the idea of a closed FB use for discussion…I’d love to be a part but know that with the amount of company we have this summer I won’t be able to keep up. Don’t know what you’d think of me being a fly on the wall? OR, will you let me know your thoughts when you finish?! Warmly, Kristin

  2. Sign me up! We will be at Family Camp the first week but I should have plenty of time to get it read!


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