We’re Meant to Do Life Together

“We aren’t wired to do life alone, ladies.2013-06-05 08.12.16 (2)

Matter-of-fact, as hard and relentless as life can be, it’s actually easier when we do life together.

That’s one reason the theme of fellowship and accountability is so strongly evidenced throughout the Bible. God told Adam, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” Solomon said, “Two are better than one.” Jesus called men to “be with him,” and sent people out to do ministry in pairs. Jesus even prayed for all His disciples to be “one” with each other. The writers of the Epistles warn us not to “forsake our fellowship” because it “spurs us on to love and good deeds,” and protects us from the “deceitfulness of sin.” We’re told to “encourage, warn, and exhort one another” while also helping to “carry each other’s burdens.”

YET most Christians don’t experience this type of intimate interaction with other Christians, and the fault is almost always their own.

Sometimes they live independent, isolated lives because they don’t understand the value of fellowship and accountability and foolishly think they don’t need it. Others sense there’s value in being closely linked with others who are in Christ, but they don’t risk initiating relationship or make time to cultivate true fellowship, and therefore, any loneliness they feel is self-induced. Still others walk alone because they’ve been burned by Christians and don’t want to get too close again.

However, none of that changes the fact that you need meaningful fellowship and challenging interaction with other Christ followers who’ll encourage your discipleship and pursuit of Jesus.

So, during the summer break I hope you’ll take a risk. Risk asking someone to coffee or lunch to get to know them better or risk saying “yes” to someone who wants to get to know you because in Christ we really are meant to do life together.”

*Guest blog by Susie Walther, http://www.thewellbiblestudy.org



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