Quiet Times #1 – Pick Your Time and Place

1. Get a Good Night’s SleepAlarmClock

You have to turn off the T.V., get off your computer or your ipad, hang up the phone, put down that book and go to bed at a decent hour! A rested person is better able to stay awake and to hear God speak through His Word.

2. Choose to Get Up

When the alarm goes off in the morning, DO NOT hit snooze!  If you have kids, then you already know that it’s only quiet before they get up.  Quiet times usually do not happen after the kids are awake (unless you are lucky and they still nap!)

3. Pick a Regular Spot and Time

Find a comfortable, quiet place that preferably is not your bed! Choose the time of day that’s best suited for you to start a regular habit of reading and praying (ideally – in the morning before your day starts). Have a pen, marker, and pad or journal on hand to write down any prayer concerns, questions, thoughts, summary of the passage, etc.

4. Read the Actual Bible

Devotional readings are nice and can augment your time in the Word, but don’t let a devotional reading replace actually reading through the Bible.  The whole Bible is the spiritual food God intended for your soul and mind to receive. Devotional books are more like snacks.  (Suggestion: start reading through the short books of the Bible first in order to gain some momentum)

5. Just Download the Files!

The Bible is the Software you need to download onto the hard drive, which is your mind. Don’t quit because you don’t understand everything in your Download. Just keep reading! The Holy Spirit, who is your Operating System, knows what to do with the Word of God even if you don’t yet!  Also, you can get some help from another believer, or a good commentary.

6. Make Your Time Enjoyable

See your quiet time as a date with Jesus. He wants to spend time with you, and He wants you to want to spend time with Him. (Suggestion: have a cup of coffee or tea while reading in your favorite chair or part of the house)

7. Avoid the “Tyranny of the Urgent”

Have a separate pad of paper (or Post It Notes!) available to write down random thoughts and things-to-do that pop into your mind. Tell Satan thanks for the reminder and that you’ll be sure to take care of all those things just as soon as you’re done spending some time with Jesus.

8. Get Accountability

Meet with someone weekly or bi-weekly to share with each other where you’re reading in the Bible, what you’re getting out of your quiet times, and pray for each other.


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