Discipleship Conference

Ah, friends!  First, I am very excited!  Several months ago I was asked to speak at The Navigators Southeastern Discipleship Conference for Women – this June, outside of Charleston.  My beloved mentor, Susie Walther, is the main speaker on the topic of “To Train Up a Woman”.  I will be leading a workshop on “Practical Discipleship”… Susie tells me that my job is to send women home with concrete ideas and resources to help ladies make the big jump and get started mentoring someone.

So, here’s where I need your help. If you know you should be mentoring other women (hint – we all are!), but don’t know where to start – What would help you get started?  What are your questions?

If you have been mentoring women for a bit (or a long while!) – what are your favorite resources?  Other tools, ideas, or framework pieces that have helped you?

You can reply here on the blog, or email me at mindyclemons@gmail.com.  I would love your feedback!


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