We Can Do Hard Things! Like Read Thru the Bible…

According to recent statistics, 80% of church goers do not read their Bible on a daily basis, and less than 10% of professing Christians have ever read through the entire Bible.  Yet, the average household has 4.4 bibles within reach at all times.  12 months from now, which statistic will you belong to???

I am very excited for all my friends at St. Andrew Baptist Church!  They have just started a church-wide read through the Bible in a year plan!

I LOVE it when ever a community raises its expectations – and communicates to its members that God expects us to read, study, grow, Justdoitand BE CHANGED!  It is not God’s desire that we remain infants in Christ, blown and tossed by the winds of changing doctrine and the trials of life.  It is His expectation and great hope that we would grow, be rooted, stand firm, and BEAR FRUIT!  God will not love you any less if you remain an infant in your faith, but you will be missing out – and tough times will really rock your world.  CHOOSE TO GO DEEPER!  Pray God would give you a hunger for His Word, and set your alarm 15 minutes earlier.  It is a habit that will change your life.

Are you ready to start today?  Download the chronological, Bible in a year plan, with 6 days of reading each week here:  i want to know my bible reading plan

For all my fellow techies, if you have the YouVersion Bible app installed on your phone, go to “Plans” and locate the “Reading God’s Story: One-Year Chronological Plan” by Dr. George Guthrie. It appears to be the same plan as the one in print version above. I’ve been using YouVersion as my personal Bible study / quiet time tool for a while now and really love it. Once you select a plan, you can set reminders and even have it email you the daily Bible reading each day. You can find the YouVersion App through the Apple App Store on your phone or iPad, in Google Play, or here is there website: https://www.youversion.com/ — Thanks, John Drummond!

Will you do it?  If I run into you and ask you what you read this morning – what will you say?


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