Trying to squeeze Jesus into your busy life?

Guest blog – by Susie Walther,, a women’s bible study and training ministry in Tampa, FLSusie Walther

Quiet Time, Prayer, Scripture Memory, Accountability, Bible study, Obedience, Application, Inviting Women, Sharing Your Testimony, Sharing the Gospel, Going for Coffee – these are a regular part of the language and dialogue you’re exposed to at The Well.

However, you need to know we’re not encouraging you to try and “add” these spiritual disciplines to an already busy and/or mostly secular life.

No, no, my dear, what we’re encouraging is the surrender of your busy and/or mostly secular life for the spiritual lifestyle of the Kingdom of God.

Why? Because Jesus doesn’t want to be added to where you can fit Him into your life. Jesus wants to be your life because He is your life! Jesus has the right to define your life, rule your life, and control your life because He’s the Lord of Life and He bought you for a price.

You belong to Him, and not vice versa.

Jesus wants to expose you to Himself, so you can have the kind of relationship He has with the Father.

Jesus wants to impress His life upon your character, upon your day and upon your Friday and Saturday nights.

Jesus is soooooo not interested in you picking up a few religious habits or mostly just blocking off time to attend church or The Well. He wants you 24/7, not the things of God and the Kingdom you’ve determined you can add or fit into your schedule.

The Well is a place to begin learning how to live your life oriented toward the Kingdom of God (not to be confused with a life oriented toward church, because they’re not the same thing).

Adding some spiritual things here and there, and dropping others that don’t fit so well isn’t Kingdom living.

Surrendering and following at all costs is Kingdom living.


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