Honestly… I just wanna complain.

So I was supposed to write about The Complaining Tongue this morning… but I didn’t.

I couldn’t…  ’cause I really just wanted to whine and I was feeling grumpy.

So I didn’t feel like inspiring anyone else to greatness.

And certainly not greatness that I myself wasn’t even coming a little, teeny bit close to achieving.

So rather than be hypocritical, I just laid on the couch and wallowed in grumpiness.

And then went to lunch with friends.

And celebrated with women who had a child that actually graduated from high school last night.  YEA.

And fussed with women who are planning weddings, which really is not fun AT ALL.

Those who’d had a tough day were allowed to vent some…  That felt good.

Being with friends is good.

Feeling encouraged is good.

Feeling loved and not alone is good.

And sometimes we’re just grumpy.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be insired to greatness – to stop complaining – to not start all my sentences with AND.

But today I am just glad for friends.

3 thoughts on “Honestly… I just wanna complain.

  1. i love your authenticity mindy!! thank you for keeping it real!! glad you had time with some of your sisters. looking forward to seeing greatness tomorrow!!

  2. Wow – note to self, I shouldn’t just bang something out and post it… If you read the first version (which I have since edited) then I want to apologize. I did not mean to imply that my group of friends were a bunch of whiners. Just the opposite! While allowing venting, they never allow us to get stuck in a grumpy place for too long. Grateful for that!

  3. Thank you for this…I appreciate your honest and open heart…”good, bad and ugly”! I can definately relate to “grumpy” days! Thank you for this challenging series. Don’t apologise for being real unless you have hurt someone in the process. For me, this just helps me realize I am not alone in the struggle! It is wonderful when you have friends that can lift your heart and head when they become to heavy!


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