The Know-It-All Tongue (#15)

“While God desires for us to have many of His attributes, omniscience is not one of them.  He is the only one who knows everything… and all wisdom and knowledge come from Him.”

Not only did our author make me laugh – she’s exactly right!

Here’s something I really hate – unsolicited advice.  Someone who presumes they know exactly what I need to do, hear, and be.  They tend to not listen well and they rarely let you finish what you were saying before they jump in with some recommendation for you.

Know-it-alls make me want to run away.  I avoid sitting near them.  They tend to make me cynical – LOL.

On the other hand, maybe I am that way sometimes.

Just to be sure that I don’t turn into a Know-It-All, I am going to try to follow the advice in our little book:

  • Do not correct anyone unless it is a matter of major importance.
  • When corrected, refuse to become defensive or try to prove you are right.
  • Talk less, a lot less.
  • Ask more questions.  Let other people talk. Actively listen to their ideas.
  • Let someone else have the joy of explaining something to you.

“Wise people do not make a show of their knowledge.” Proverbs 12:23 NLT

30 Days to Taming Your Tongue, a Bible study by Deborah Pegues

5 thoughts on “The Know-It-All Tongue (#15)

  1. I am laughing at myself because I realize that on the days of this study that I am most convicted I do not comment, but on the days I feel affirmed I like to comment. So I aim to break that cycle and comment today on a day that I feel called out. I am going to try harder to take the time to listen with not only my ears, but my heart. I am a fixer and want to help those that I love so desperately that at times maybe I do not allow them to express themselves fully before I jump in with my problem-solving words. Whew…Lord help me in this endeavor of talking less and actively listening more!

    1. Oh Myra – thank you for your honesty! Maybe that’s why there aren’t so many comments… we’re all feeling convicted.

      On a side note, as a Bible teacher I do think God has given you an extra dose of wisdom – and women in your classes come to expect words of instruction and direction. That’s ok… a humbling and challenging responsibility, but also one God has called you to!

      But we can all be better listeners – even the teachers. Love you!

  2. I laughed out loud at the question, “Do you have an unusually high regard for your opinion?”. Then I shuddered to think how many times that has been true of me. I’ll be doing my best to put into practice the advice listed above. Enough said 😉

  3. Oh Mindy! Between your blog and the study Gigi and are doing “The Power of a Woman’s Words”, I’m convicted at every turn! I’m with Myra. I love people and hurt for them and desire to save them from pain so I give suggestions…I need to let them learn what God has for them and listen more.

    1. It is true and interesting. For me it happens without knowing because I want to share my experience with others to prevent them from making the mistakes I made. Sometimes we can be too sensitive to the needs of others.


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