Bragging on my kids again, or not?

I have the most awesome kids in the world!  The back of my suburban Mom car is covered with honor roll stickers.

On someone else’s car this week I saw a sticker that said, “Your kid may be a star student but you drive like an idiot”.  That really made me laugh.

Then I read the essay by Glennon Melton below and it got me thinking.

What am I bragging about my kids for?  What is that teaching them about what’s important in life?  Do they feel that their “success” is necessary for my love?  Am I only proud of them when they make straight A’s?  (Of course not, but do I communicate that?)  How can I value their CHARACTER more than their success?  How can I help them develop (and value) things like perseverance, empathy, compassion, and kindness?  How can I weed out pride and the pervasive trait of self-absorption while still encouraging them to do their very best?

Parents, read this – it’ll make you think.

How do we teach them that character is MUCH more important than their “success”?




5 thoughts on “Bragging on my kids again, or not?

  1. Good post. The discussion on it is fascinating. Personally, I want my children to know unconditional love, to choose quality character traits as a focus of success, but also recognize their accomplishments…especial​ly if took diligence and perseverance to achieve.

  2. I thought this was a great post, Mindy. It really gave me a lot to think about. As much as I would like to say I focus on character, do I really? I hope that I would, but feel myself tense up when I see a not so stellar grade. Thank you for letting God use you to speak to me…fondly, Rachel

  3. I liked the post and comments. Not a straightforward and easy answer type of topic. good food for thought – thanks!

  4. super awesome post. made me think of a book i started to read awhile ago, raising an unselfish child in selfish world…read it for MOPS a few years ago!!

  5. Excellent! And so is the blog you referred to. All of parenting is by grace — God’s grace. The years pass quickly, make the most of every day. ~ a grandma


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