Devotional Books for Kids

Here’s a good New Year’s resolution idea for you…

I’ve hunted a long time to find a devotional book I like to read with my kids at bedtime.  I’d apologize for being picky but, well… I AM picky and this is scriptural truth we’re trying to teach here so let’s not make a mess of it.  I wanted a daily reader, with a scripture passage, and an explanation of the passage and application note… written so my 7 year old and my 10 year old could get it, and with no extra stories about some kid we don’t know.  Just the passage please, explained so we can make our own application.

Four months ago I found these and we love them:

One Minute Devotionals for Girls by Carolyn Larsen, and One Minute Devotionals for Boys by Jayce O’Neal, published by Christian Art Gifts and available at most on-line book sellers.  I personally think the boys and girls are interchangeable, but they are different, and I’ll probably have the kids switch books at the end of the year so they have something new to think about.

We read them with our kids at bedtime, when there’s time to snuggle and reflect and pray together.  I’ve been surprised how often God is talking to me in the text, as well as to my kids.

And if you need a Bible story book to read through with your kids (5-9 yrs old who are not able to read the full text yet) then I recommend Egermeier’s Bible Story Book which even has comprehension questions for each passage… I have a homeschooling mom to thank for that recommendation.  We’ve been completely through it twice and my kids have got it now.  When, out of the blue, my 7 year old asked me a question yesterday about the Witch of Endor, I knew he’d been paying attention…

Make daily Bible truths a part of your bedtime routine in 2012!


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