Tending sheep in the wilderness

Have you ever had one of those moments when it’s very clear to you what God wants you to do with your life?  Perhaps it was a glimpse – a piece of the vision – of what He might be calling you do.  And maybe you responded YES, or maybe you wrestled with the idea for a bit… But once you’d embraced the whole thought and taken some baby steps – then NOTHING happened?!  Sigh.  Yea, you are not alone on that one.

Oswald Chambers writes in My Utmost for His Highest, “In the beginning Moses had realized that he was the one to deliver the people, but he had to be trained and disciplined by God first. He was right in his individual perspective, but he was not the person for the work until he had learned true fellowship and oneness with God.” 

40 years of feeding sheep!  But God, I’ll be dead by then!  Ahhhh.

“We may have the vision of God and a very clear understanding of what God wants, and yet when we start to do it, there comes to us something equivalent to Moses’ forty years in the wilderness. It’s as if God had ignored the entire thing, and when we are thoroughly discouraged, God comes back and revives His call to us. And then we begin to tremble and say, “Who am I that I should go . . . ?” We must learn that God’s great stride is summed up in these words— “I AM WHO I AM . . . has sent me to you” (Ex 3:14). 

We must also learn that our individual effort for God shows nothing but disrespect for Him— our individuality is to be rendered radiant through a personal relationship with God, so that He may be“well pleased”. We are focused on the right individual perspective of things; we have the vision and can say, “I know this is what God wants me to do.” But we have not yet learned to get into God’s stride. If you are going through a time of discouragement, there is a time of great personal growth ahead. (Oct 13) 

I have become wary of thinking that it’s all about me.  It’s His agenda, and His timing.  I am learning to walk with Him.  

“The vision is yet fort he appointed time, WAIT for it.” Hab 2:3

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