Praying for Your Husband

How much do you pray for your husband? I mean REALLY pray for him? Are your prayers for him mostly reactive, driven by the crisis – the after the fight, someone made a mistake, hope he doesn’t get killed jumping out of a plane today – kind of prayers? Have you ever considered being proactive in your prayers for your husband – coming to God on your husband’s behalf before the crisis, praying for his protection, wisdom, guidance, character development, etc. ?

Many of you know that my husband retired this month from the U.S. Army. He has enjoyed a fascinating and fulfilling career that has spanned 29 years and engagements during peace and war on several continents. (The challenges of our journey to retirement will probably fill several more blog posts!) This chapter, or rather entire section, of the book that is our lives is drawing to a close.

So much of a man’s identity is often tied up in his work. His sense of purpose, his capacity to provide, his fulfillment, his sense of accomplishment and success in life – it’s all tied up in his career. Granted, to the degree that a wise Christian man is grounded in the Lord, the “My Identity Is My Career” effect can be tempered… but it never disappears completely!

I have been wondering and praying about this dramatic shift in my husband’s career and how it might affect his self confidence, sense of purpose, and direction in life. God gave me an idea in the quiet of my quiet time one morning. (You know that part of your daily time with God should involve you being quiet before Him so He can speak to you, right?!)

I have decided to work my way through Stormie Omartian’s book The Power of a Praying Wife this month. It’s a 30 day commitment to praying proactively for my husband. I am asking the Lord to help me see my husband through His eyes, and all his potential for greatness. I am asking the Lord to help me be a positive influence on my husband, to love, protect, encourage, support, and understand him better. I want to be his true helpmate, his companion, support and friend. I am working my way through the chapters and guided prayers regarding his work, finances, sexuality, temptations, mind, fears, purpose, choices, health, protection, trials, integrity, reputation, priorities, relationships, fatherhood, attitude, emotions, repentance, obedience, self-image, faith, and his future (and a few more I left out).

Consider joining me – pray proactively for your husband – and see what the Lord will do in your heart and in his life.

“The wisewoman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” Proverbs 14:1


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