Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst


So many great quotes – I should have opened a twitter account so I could share them with Uninvitedyou all!  Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely is the most recent of Lysa TerKeurst’s books.  (Others we have loved are The Best Yes and Unglued.)  Lysa is very funny, self-deprecating, honest, and relatable.  She’s like the girlfriend who leans in and tells you her heart struggles, but makes you spit out your coffee from laughing so hard.

Uninvited invites you to consider the power of rejection and its roots, to evaluate where rejection is damaging your relationships today, and to grasp what it means to live fully loved by God.  The book is excellent reading.  In addition, the study guide and dvd series (6 sessions of 15 min) offer you the opportunity to really evaluate yourself, to study relevant scripture passages, and to be held accountable by your small group over a period of time.

Members of our group walked away from the study with many different learning points.  For some it was digesting what the unlimited love and forgiveness of Jesus really means.  For others it was making the shift from walking into a social setting in need of affirmation (a dangerous and unfulfilling game), to being the one who walks into a social setting full of love and able to overflow into the lives of those more needy.  For some it was embracing the pain of the past, but realizing that it does not define their future.  And many of us grasped the lessons of the olive tree – that the hard, crushing times are a key part of God producing valuable fruit in our lives.

Buy two copies, one for you and one to give to a friend who will read it with you!


Is going to church all the time changing you?


I’ve noticed something since moving to the South last year.  People sure do go to church a lot.  Every time the door is open – Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and a few Mondays and Fridays thrown in too.

People are busy DOING things at church too.  Singing in the choir.  Volunteering in the nursery.  Teaching Vacation Bible School or Sunday school.  Collecting food donations.  Even going on mission trips!  People are really BUSY… serving and helping.  Doing good things.

So here’s my question – with all this “doing” have we forgotten the importance of “being” – or rather “becoming more like Christ”?

I have met very few women who have a spiritual hunger, a desire to know more of Jesus and to become more like Him.

So many women I see are… well… just busy at church… but not changed, not growing, not renewed and transformed, and not even excited about Jesus and all He is doing in their lives.  Mostly they are tired.  And over committed.

A friend wrote this week, “Unfortunately, for the most part, bunches of women attend Bible studies week in and week out, and church Sunday morning after Sunday morning, but nothing at all changes.  They attend, and attend, and attend with spiritually little to show for all that attending they do. They’re content to be a “good enough” Christian or worse, to possess a “form of godliness that has no power” (2 Tim. 3:5). Their bad habits don’t change. Their speech doesn’t change. Their attitudes and thinking don’t change. They’re still unforgiving. They still treat their husbands with disrespect. They still don’t invite anyone they don’t know to Bible study or church. They still haven’t shared their faith with anyone. They still don’t read their Bible or do their Bible study.

But they come week after week regardless, and I have to ask, why? Is it just to get out of the house? Is it because they believe there’s a righteousness in being a part of church? Is it because they believe Jesus is pleased when they attend Christian things?

And so I hope session after session that women in my Bible study are different from the majority of women out there who are “always learning but never come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim. 3:7).” — Susie Walther, www.thewellbiblestudy.org

I hope you’re not in the same spiritual place you were at this time last year!!

If you are, ask God to give you a spiritual hunger for His Word.

Ask Him to help you find some other hungry women and then study His Word with them.

Ask Him to help you re-prioritize the way you spend your time – your precious little time!

Resolve right now that this year will be different – this year you’re going to pursue Jesus and allow Him to change your life.