Genesis – Week 1, Creation

Thanks for reading Genesis with us! Here are the readings for this week: Genesis 1:1-2:3 □ 1:1-5□ 1:6-13□ 1:14-23□ 1:24-31□ 2:1-3 Main Topic – CreationAs you reflect on the creation narrative in chapter 1, think about this: How would you respond if your young child asked, “Where did I come from?” You might answer “NewContinue reading “Genesis – Week 1, Creation”

Pick a Bible Reading Plan!

Just in time for the New Year!  It’s time to pick your Bible reading plan for 2015 and this fantastic blog post has every imaginable option you could dream of, and some great pdf downloads.  Disciplers, add this to your library! If you are a digital reader, or you like having your daily readingContinue reading “Pick a Bible Reading Plan!”