We Are So Distracted!

“Instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall.” Nehemiah 5:16

We were talking in class yesterday and we concluded that one thing really impressed us about Nehemiah:  He did not allow ANYTHING to distract him from the task God had laid upon his heart.  There was nothing that caught his attention enough to make him pause, swerve, or give up while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem!  He endured verbal assaults, physical threats, discouraged laborers, fear, rumors, death threats, spies on the inside, abuses of power, gossip, and economic distress – but still he carried on!

What are the top three things that most distract you from the things God has put in your heart?

Think about it.  Make a list – in your head or on paper.

What keeps you from doing the things you know God has called you to do?

We made a list in class yesterday.  This is our list:

Look at that!  We all agreed – it is PATHETIC that we allow these things to keep us from fulfilling the will of God for our lives.  One of our classmates also pointed out – it is a very American, middle class list.  Indeed!  We are not prevented from obedience by things like war, hunger, poverty, illness, or torture.  Oh no, it is our television and our air conditioning that get in our way.  Uggh.

Decide today that you are NOT going to let petty, insignificant things of no eternal value or laziness distract you from obeying what God has put on your heart.