What a Mentor Can Do For You

Do you have a woman who is committed to investing in you and your spiritual life?Mentoring

Are you the woman who is intentionally investing in the lives of others?

We as mentors and leaders are called to empower others with the power God has given us.

Leaders and mentors who are “other-focused” bring many different gifts to those they mentor or lead, including these:

  • Accountability – They help others keep their commitments to God.
  • Affirmation – They speak words of support and encouragement.
  • Assessment – They evaluate others’ progress, offering an objective perspective.
  • Advice – They offer words of wise counsel and direction.
  • Admonishment – They lend words of caution, rebuke, or correction.
  • Assets – They give tangible resources (time, money, effort, networks) to help their people reach their goals.
  • Acceptance – They provide unconditional love, regardless of the recipients’ identity.
  • Application – They help others find places to apply and practice what they learn (and their gifts).

Wouldn’t you love to have another woman do ALL THAT for you?!

Would you consider BEING that mentor or leader for others?

* AdaptedĀ from John Maxwell, A Leader’s Heart devotional, (9/5).