Why We Don’t Pray

We’ve been talking about the spiritual discipline of prayer in class.  So I asked the question, “Why don’t we pray?”  The replies were interesting:  We feel like there’s not “enough time”  We don’t understand why it matters/how it works We have no sense of history (our own, or of God’s interaction with man)  We lack disciplineContinue reading “Why We Don’t Pray”

Enoch Walked

The sermon series at church this month is titled “Running the Race”. It has paralleled my readings in Britt Merrick’s “Big God” very nicely. I though Merrick’s piece on Enoch was especially good: Voluntary. Steady progress. Finding a good pace so that you don’t sprint ahead of God and then wear yourself out. Not beingContinue reading “Enoch Walked”

We Are So Weak

Ray Comfort tells a story in one of his books that goes like this: A man leaned over to a woman seated next to him and asked, ‘Would you go to bed with me for a million dollars?’ The woman answered, ‘I would think about it.’ He then asked, ‘Would you go to bed withContinue reading “We Are So Weak”