Let Go. Die Quickly.

I tuned in to an old play list while running yesterday and the song “Let Go” by Barlow Girl popped up.

“Yeah I trust in You, I remember times You led me, This time it’s bigger now, And I’m afraid You’ll let me down, But how can I be certain?  Will You prove Yourself again?

[Chorus:]  ‘Cause I’m about to let go
And live what I believe
I can’t do a thing now
But trust that You’ll catch me
When I let go, When I let go

What is this doubt in me , Convincing me to fear the unknown, When all along You’ve shown, Your plans are better than my own, And I know I won’t make it, If I do this all alone…”

Ladies, why is it so stinking hard for us to trust God?  Every time I am left to my own devices I make a big mess of things… my historical track record is not so awesome.  But all along God has shown that His plans are better than my own!  His track record is fantastic!

So I was thinking about you – my friends – and I wanted to encourage you to LET GO, to SURRENDER.  Stop hanging on and trying to exercise some imaginary control over everything… your kids, your husband, your health, your life…

And I was thinking about myself – as I am embarking on a new ministry.  I remember well sitting in a leadership workshop with Chris Adams (of Lifeway) and she made three BIG points:

(1) Seek God Early.  Early in the day.  Early in all your ministry plans.

(2) Die Quickly.  Let go of your own plans, goals, and control.  Surrender to God’s purpose and control in your ministry.  Christ calls us to die.  Keep on dying to yourself and your plans.  A mark of maturity is your peace and confidence in God’s control.

(3) Obey Continually.  Keep on doing it until you are given other instructions.  Do not grow weary of doing good.  You will reap a harvest if you obey and do not give up.

Let Go, ladies.  Let God.  Let’s work on dying quickly, so He doesn’t have to come and wrestle control from us… : )