Does Your Church Have A Discipleship Path?

I need to know, does your church have a “discipleship path”?  Many churches have a class for new people where you learn all about the church, and/or a class for those who want to be baptized.

But what about after that?

If your church has a discipleship plan or path for what comes next, please tell me about it or give me the link to the website!

I have recently been asked to chair a committee responsible for designing the Intentional Faith Development plan (aka discipleship path) for our church and I’m studying other successful models right now.  It’s very interesting!

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Does Your Church Have A Discipleship Path?

  1. Yes, our church, First Presbyterian Church does have a follow-up plan. There are numerous opportunities for all to be discipled. But some don’t choose to do that. We are blessed and encouraged by the teaching at our church.

    Have a great day! liz

  2. Almost every adult has been involved this fall in a study of a book — Putting Together the Puzzle of the New Testament by Bill Jones.

  3. It encourages me greatly to see that your heart for discipleship has not changed. I just picked up LeRoy Eims’ book “The Lost Art of Disciplemaking,” off my bookshelf and was getting ready to read it again. We currently have nothing formal at our church and are suffering for it. We have recently had an influx of new believers and have nothing really in place to help them grow.

    1. Well, the exciting bit is that your church has an influx of new believers – that’s great! Unfortunately, the lack of a plan (formal or informal) is very common… But maybe that’s why you’re there! 😁


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